Eminar: Tufts Math Graduate Student Seminar

Spring 2020 Organizer: Daniel Keliher
Organizer Emeritus: Michael Ben-Zvi

During the Spring 2020 Semester, Eminar will held Fridays 1-2pm in Bromfield-Pearson 006.

Eminar is cancelled until further notice due to COVID-19

March 13: TBA

Speaker: Nate Fisher

Abstract: TBA

March 6: Available

Feb 28: Available

Feb 21: Category Theory, Day Two

Speaker: Rylee Lyman

Abstract: Most pure math students see the same first lecture on category theory several times throughout their mathematical career. The goal of this talk is to give the natural follow-up: an introduction to universal properties, limits and colimits. Here is where the usefulness and power of categorical thinking begins to shine. We will begin assuming the audience has heard the definition of a category before; a quick review can be found here.

Feb 14: Study of Blocks of Classical Groups over Finite Local Rings of Length Two

Speaker: Nariel Monteiro

Abstract: The representation theory of finite groups has a long history, going back to the 19th century and earlier. In this talk we will be focusing on only part of that story: the study of blocks. The goal of this talk is to serve the needs of the non-specialist who might attend a talk on this topic and wish to understand something. For such purposes, it is useful to know the basic definitions, and different techniques used in block theory - sometimes ring theoretic, sometimes module theoretic. With this in mind, We will study the block theory of these two groups GLn(Z/p^2Z) and GLn(Fp[t]/t^2) and show that they have the same representation.