Daniel Keliher (he/him)


Concourse Program


I am presently the mathematics lecturer for the Concourse program at MIT.  From 2022-2024, I was a postdoc at University of Georgia working with Jiuya Wang and with the Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory Group.  Broadly speaking, my interests include number theory and arithmetic statistics. In 2022, I received my PhD in mathematics from Tufts University where I was supervised by Robert Lemke Oliver.  

I can be reached at mylastname(at)mit(dot)edu. Here is my CV.


I am mainly interested in number theory and arithmetic statistics, particularly questions related to elliptic curves, Selmer groups, and counting number fields. I am also interested in prime number races, special values of L-functions, effective estimates, and some related topics in combinatorics.

The following are my papers and preprints.  I have linked to journal versions where possible; preprints of all of papers can be found on arXiv


Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society | 2021 | pdf | slides | journal 

Journal de Théorie des Nombres de Bordeaux | 2022 | pdf | slides | journal 

International Journal of Number Theory | 2022 | pdf | journal 

Discrete Applied Mathematics | 2023 | pdf | journal

Journal of the London Mathematical Society | 2024 | pdf | journal | slides

Proceedings of the Integers Conference 2023  | 2024 | pdf | journal 


Submitted | 2022 | pdf | slides 

In preparation | slides 

I have also worked in computational genomics. The papers and abstracts below are the result of collaboration with Eli Van Allen, David Liu, and others at the Dana-Farber Cancer Insitute. My contributions primarily dealt with applications of non-negative matrix factorization to problems about mutational signatures. Check out related work from the Van Allen Lab. Though this is not my current research focus, I am very interested in revisiting some of these ideas with topological methods. Research from this work can be found at PubMed or on Google Scholar.  Here are the highlights: 

Nature Communications | 2017 | journal 

Nature Genetics  | 2018 | journal 

The Journal of Clinical Oncology | 2019 | journal

Nature Cancer | 2021 | journal


Teaching at MIT,  Fall 2024 

Past Teaching at UGA

Past Teaching at Salve Regina:

Past Teaching at Tufts:

Other Stuff

In December 2023, Jiuya Wang and I hosted a number theory conference, PANTS XXXVII, at UGA. 

For many years I organized the Tufts University Directed Reading Program (DRP). In Fall 2022, I participated in the Spelman-Morehouse DRP. 

From Spring 2019 to Fall 2021, I organized  the Tufts Math Graduate Student Seminar, which is now run by J.C. Wang